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CE Secure Studies and White Papers

Studies and White Papers

We have gathered some useful information regarding security issues that should be useful to our customers in researching and implementing their own encryption and security policies.

CE Secure Product and Feature List

CE Secure Feature CE Secure Flash CE Secure Encrypted Backup CE Secure Vault Flash Drive CE Secure DiskVault (SED)
Software AES 256 bit encryption    
Hardware AES 256 bit encryption    
FIPS-140-2 certified versions available    
Ruggedized - Titanium coated stainless steel casing      
Locks down if left behind, using an adjustable timer lock    
SafeConsole managable (see below for SafeConsole features)    
Brute-Force protection with password attempt counter
Administrator password    
Remote password reset    
Non-Admin user support ✔*
Windows 7, Vista, XP compatible
Mac OSX 10.5 compatible      
Securely usable outside of corporate environment
Wave Systems EMBASSY® Trusted Drive Manager support available      

* Supported with optional extra cost software

SafeConsole USB Device Management Benefits

Automatic Unlock when used on a trusted computer
Push secure data to local and remote managed devices
Remote Password Reset - a secure challenge and response procedure to grant local or remote users access to their data
Automatic backup and content audit with data tracing
Device audit and file audit trail
Device state management and remote kill
Configurable password policies
Inactivity lock - locks device if not used for a configurable period of time
FileRestrictor - allows only whitelisted file types on the secure devices

What is a USB Management Security Console?
Enables IT Security professionals to centrally manage organization-wide IT security by providing software tools that allow you to control how and what devices are connected to the company's computers. For example, CE Secure Console, the offering by CMS and BlockMaster, will control what devices are allowed to be connected to USB ports, ensures that all connected devices are encrypted and manages the user password administration. Additionally, the product enforces company policies on access to data.

Studies and White Papers