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CE Secure Portable Encrypted Storage Products

Encrypted Flash Drives

CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drives

The CE Secure Flash Drive product family gives you unprecedented access control and encrypted data protection on Mac or Windows-based systems. With pre-loaded software that travels with your drive, you can set password access control to the drive that utilizes 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. If lost, this advanced encryption system will continue to protect the data, even under the toughest conditions. CMS offers both Software encrypted and Hardware encrypted drives, as well as those with FIPS certification.

Encrypted Hard Drives

CE Secure Encrypted Hard Drives

Self-Encrypting hard Drives (SED) that conform to the Trusted Computing Group's Opal standard.

CE Secure Console

CE Secure Console

Manage you USB storage devices, enforce security policies, automatically backup data, remote password reset and all the bells-and-whistles to comply with corporate and government mandates for external data security.

Portable Encrypted Storage Products